Dr. Miranda’s Plateau Busting Protocol

Dr. Miranda’s Plateau Busting Protocol

Dr. Miranda’s Plateau Busting Protocol™

My Plateau Busting protocol is a work in progress, as we discover new information in the literature – we tweak this as needed.  By popular demand, I have enclosed the original protocol  here so people can refer to it, but please know that this protocol works for many people but I am currently putting the final touches on my weight loss book which will have many more options for people.




One of my most popular videos on Youtube is “What To Do When Your Hit a Weight Loss Plateau”, and due to it, and the popularity of my Facebook group  www.facebook.com/WeightLossResources one of the most common things reported to me is that people are hitting plateaus and are at a loss as how to proceed since they have tried everything but they just can’t seem to break through that scale barrier. So, in my quest to help my team members and friends, I got out my pharmacology texts and my physiology texts and took a long, hard look at things to try to figure out how we could best use  certain products to blast through those stubborn weight plateaus and barriers.
After studying these texts and the physiology behind how certain organ systems and pathways work – I had a brainstorm on how to dramatically increase weight loss using a few small dietary changes and chronopharmacology; the study of how biological rhythms interact with metabolism and medication & nutrient absorption. So to put my theory to test, I asked for a spectrum of volunteers from my online groups. I laid out the rules for the trial, and all participants had to have been stuck at a weight loss plateau (or actually gaining weight) for a minimum of a month. It ended up that nearly every participant had been at a plateau for 3-6 months or longer. So we were dealing with some bodies that were very resistant to weight loss. Let me be clear, this was a trial to test a theory. It was not a double-blind clinical study which is virtually impossible to run in the real world because you cannot control or modulate people’s individual diets and lifestyles to the extent that would give you enough controls to have a true clinical objectionable study. My trial centered on three products: a glucose regulating product,  a proteolytic enzyme formula, and a potent probiotic.  The participants were instructed to continue taking any medications that had been prescribed to them and to continue taking any supplements they had been taking with the exception of any ‘weight loss’ products. I issued 5 STEPS that they were to follow:

  • 1) STEP 1 – Ketogenic or “Death to Diabetes®” breakfast comprising of a cup of coffee or tea (if desired) and one of 2 approved breakfasts
  • 2) STEP 2 – Taking 2 capsules of TruFix (from TruVision Health) per day.  An optional step is to drink a glass of Tru Heart & Hydration at this time.
  • 3) STEP 3 – Taking Biotics Research Intenzyme Forte ™ twice daily on an empty stomach
  • 4) STEP 4 – Taking 1-2 capsules of an approved probiotic  at bedtime, on an empty stomach
  • 5) STEP 5 – Twice daily, or more –  drinking a cup+ of tea from the approved list of teas.

Other than that, they were to eat regular meals and to be mindful about excessive carbohydrate intake. They were to continue life as usual. They were instructed NOT to start an exercise program if they hadn’t already been doing it.. We tried to minimize the affect ancillary factors would have on the protocol.

“It’s been barely been over 2 weeks and I’m down 10 lbs with my… products and with just a few changes to what I was already doing!”   Trial Participant

So now you know the basic steps, but you need to understand the science and rationale behind the recommendations:


Upon waking you are allowed to eat the following:
1) 1 cup of coffee or tea ( if you drink coffee or tea) * “Bulletproof Coffee” is acceptable (1 tbsp of organic grass-fed butter blended into your coffee with or without added coconut oil)
2) Only protein for breakfast – eggs, fish, steak, bacon, sausage, left-over meat from the previous night’s dinner. 2-4 oz of protein is fine. The only other acceptable breakfast is the “Death to Diabetes©”1 breakfast – consisting of 3-4 oz of meat or fish along with up to 2 cups of steamed green vegetables dressed with 1 tbsp of olive oil, 2 tbsp of vinegar, and any type of Mrs. Dash™ seasoning. The latter breakfast is better for people who prefer to eat larger meals early in the day.
3) Healthy fats – 1 tbsp of coconut oil, grass-pastured butter, avocado, or raw nuts (raw walnuts, pecans and macadamia nuts are particularly beneficial) may be added to control hunger or cravings.

Rationale: The breakfast needs to be essentially carb-free. Do not ask me if you can have fruit, or yogurt, or cereal, or pancakes, or donuts, or oatmeal, or cheese, or anything else. We want ONLY protein so we are starting off the day by leveling glucose and insulin. Those other foods, even if they are ‘healthy’ choices, will spike your glucose and insulin, and then your TruFix has to work twice as hard to be effective. This is, in effect, a ketogenic or paleo-style breakfast. This type of meal “shifts the body’s metabolic engine from burning carbohydrates to burning fats”2 and improves insulin sensitivity and leptin resistance3. Consuming carbohydrates, even in healthy forms such as those from fruit (fructose) or dairy (lactose) causes surges in blood glucose levels which in turn initiate the release of insulin. People with excess weight have been shown to be insulin resistant4 and therefore if we by pass this, we set the stage for less severe glucose and insulin fluctuations throughout the day. In fact, in his book Death to Diabetes™, researcher DeWayne McCauley postulates that eating a paleo or ketogenic breakfast is the most important factor in modulating glucose levels throughout the day.5


1) Take 2 capsules of TruFix each morning.  

Rationale: There are several. First, we want to regulate glucose and insulin spikes.  Even as little of five extra pounds of body weight indicates some degree of insulin resistance.  One, we are consumingthe TruFix  at  or near the same time the same time as protein. Protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates and the stomach retains protein containing meals for longer periods of time before it is sent through to the small intestine. This enhances absorption of the TruFix ingredients. Two, for those doing the optional step of drinking the TruHeart & Hydration drink mix,  there is a well established neural-lingual connection between your taste buds and the brain. Primary gustatory fibers synapse centrally in the medulla, so upon consuming sweet substances, the sweet taste receptors in the mouth stimulates the release of dopamine in the brain. We can use this signaling to turn down the body’s desire for carbohydrate-rich or sweet substances; “…sweet taste is modified by circulating hormones. Recently, the effect of leptin on sweet-responding taste cells has generated much interest. Leptin, a protein hormone secreted mainly by adipocytes regulates body mass and suppresses insulin secretion by the activation of ATP-sensitive KCn . Its inhibitory effect on TRCs also involves the activation of a K+ conductance and membrane hyper polarization. Thereby the hormone partially blunts nerve signals indicating sweet taste, which, presumably, makes food less attractive.”6 So, in effect by concentrating the sweetness of Heart & Hydration, and holding it for a slightly prolonged period in the mouth to extend its contact time with taste buds, we are fooling the brain into believing that it has consumed a significant amount of carbohydrates, and it turns down your appetite and cravings for them.

The first few days of trying this new method seemed *very sweet* to me, but as I persevered, I noticed a marked reduction in both my appetite and cravings, as did the trial participants. In order for this neural-lingual activation to work you must be tasting the Heart & Hydration. Do not drink it with a straw, do not use ice (which has a numbing effect on the taste buds), do not cut it with cranberry juice, Mio™ Drops, or any other agent that will alter the taste.


STEP 3 –

1) Mid-morning and mid-afternoon take Intenzyme Forte™ . The trial was performed using 1 capsule of  Intenzyme Forte  mid-morning, and 1 capsule mid-afternoon on an empty stomach. Empty stomach usually means 30 minutes+ prior to eating or a minimum of 90 minutes after eating. *This HAS to be taken on an empty stomach or IT WILL NOT WORK! Please note, if you have significant levels of inflammation, you can take 2 capsules twice a day, but for simplicity and to curtail costs, the trial was performed using 1 capsule twice daily.

Rationale: Where do we start? There are so many! First, let’s take a look at how inflammation makes you fat : Inflammation begins within the fat cells themselves. Most people think of inflammation and assume that means joint pain, but inflammation is so much more. At its very core a fat cell is an inflamed cell. “As glucose is moved into fat cells, they produce an excess of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) which in turn initiates an inflammatory cascade within the cell”7. As the percentage of body fat increases, the rate of inflammation increases exponentially. This inflammation causes insulin resistance, and can be noted with C-Reactive Protein testing. The inflammatory cascade eventually makes its way to the brain, specifically the hypothalamus, where it causes leptin resistance.8 Leptin is your ‘hunger’ hormone and is noted for controlling your appetite and regulating your metabolism. The more fat you have the greater potential you have for leptin resistance, which affects your glucose regulation, and slows your metabolism which results in more weight gain and insulin resistance. It is a vicious cycle that keeps getting progressively worse. Inflammation within the gut itself, where 80% of immune function resides, further causes both leptin and insulin resistance. An imbalance in the gram-negative bacteria in the gut has been shown to produce an endotoxin called lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and a cytokine cascade which causes inflammation, insulin resistance, and weight gain.9 But I digress, we will get into how bacteria are related to obesity in the next step. Obesity makes fat cells act like they are infected.10 The stimulation of fat cells by excess calories causes the cells to make Major Histocompatibility Complex II (MHCII), which in turn sends your immune system into over-drive, mimicking autoimmune dysfunction.11 This breakthrough in understanding the fat cell may prove to be crucial future weight loss and aging studies.

Intenzyme Forte™ is a proteolytic enzyme formula. When taken on an empty stomach, it can be absorbed intact into the bloodstream12 where it can be directed towards breaking down those inflammatory products in the body. Proteolytic enzymes have been demonstrated to reduce Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha (TNF-a), a cytokine protein that signals inflammatory responses along with other pro-inflammatory mediators such as Prostaglandin E2 and Thromboxanes.13 Autoimmune dysfunction is associated with increased levels of TNF-a.14

In addition to the overwhelming capacity of proteolytic enzymes to interrupt this fat-inflammation cycle, certain ones, including bromelain, have a secondary action of helping the body to utilize insulin more efficiently which in turn helps to keep blood glucose fluctuations less dramatic. 15

To summarize all of this technical jargon : fat cells are inflamed cells. Think of each fat cell like a little water balloon filled with fat. The fat creates chemicals which not only irritate the body, but stimulate the body to keep making more and more fat cells. This is very stressful on the body which finds the inflammatory chemicals hugely irritating, so the body tries to dilute those irritants by sending more water to the area (bloating and swelling) to flush those chemicals away. This not only sends the body down the pathway to blood sugar dysregulation and even diabetes, but can result in premature aging and even autoimmune-type degeneration. Once you have made a fat cell, you can never get rid of them (barring surgery like liposuction) but you can deflate those ‘balloons’ of fat, and turn off the inflammation production. That is what we are trying to achieve with this step.

” I started Plexus on May 24, 2013. I did exceptionally well with weight loss and then November hit. I got stuck. As the weeks passed I saw my numbers going back UP. I tried everything… Nothing was working NOTHING – and no one seemed to have any answers for me except the usual drink your water, what are you eating, did you do the spit test….I just did my 3 week weighs and measurement since I started Dr Miranda’s way of taking my… products…. apparently my inches are on super movement (and keep in mind my weight loss would probably have been more BUT I had a huge “bad” Easter dinner and we hit and all you can eat wing night in this time period!)

So I am back to not having to starve to death and the scales are moving in the right directions!!! In just 2 weeks, I have lost 7.5 inches and 5.3 lbs.

WAHOOOOOOOO! ”  Trial participant


STEP 4 –

1 ) At bed time, take 1-2 capsules of a broad spectrum probiotic. Again you want to take your probiotics on an empty stomach so it gets passed through your stomach acid quickly and so it can colonize in your large intestine while you have your longest period of bowel rest. If you take magnesium, this is an ideal time to take it too.

Rationale: An increasing body of evidence suggests that obesity is directly linked to the bacteria in your gut. In fact the bacteria in thin people differs from the bacteria in overweight people. 16 Thin people and overweight people have entirely different strains and ratios of intestinal flora.17 Researchers at Laval University in Canada, found that female test subjects receiving probiotics lost twice as many pounds as those in the placebo group over the course of a twelve week period.18 Furthermore, probiotics may normalize intestinal pH, making it more difficult for candida albicans to thrive, and may crowd out pathogenic bacteria sepcies.19 There are variations of professional opinion on the best way to consume probiotics, but heat and acid are enemies of bacteria, so if you can get the probiotics through the stomach acid as quickly as possible, then you have created optimal conditions for the greatest number of probiotics to survive. Hence the need to take them on an empty stomach. Taking them at night coincides with the greatest period of bowel rest for most individuals, which allows for longer periods of contact between the probiotics and the intestinal mucosa, which may improve the rate of colonization. When you take probiotics with food, they stay in the acidic stomach for much longer, which kills off a greater percentage of the bacteria.

STEP 5 –

1) At some point throughout the day, please consume 2 cups of tea – either hot or cold (make it yourself, do not use premade or commercial preparations) Green tea, Black tea, Dandelion Tea, Yarrow, Rosehip, Cornsilk tea, Roobios, or Pu-Ehr are all acceptable forms. Warm water with the juice of 1 lemon is acceptable as well. Sweeten with stevia or a small amount of table sugar (so its glucose/fructose ratio is balanced) to taste if needed. Mix up these forms of tea. If you use only one type, your body will accommodate, and we will lose the reason why we are adding this to the program. You don’t have to use all of them, but experiment and try at least 2 or 3. You can drink 2 cups at once or drink 1 cup at two different times.

Rationale: All of these teas have a known mild diuretic effect and by keeping them in rotation our body will not accommodate to it- thereby it maintains its effectiveness. Geranax had potent diuretic properties, and this contributed to the immediate weight loss many people experienced when they took it initially. As we already discussed, the body likes to flood inflamed tissues with excess water, so if we drink tea, its mild, natural diuretic properties help us flush those inflammatory by-products from the body, and that will support healthy weight loss. Please note: many of the teas listed, particularly the herbal teas are naturally caffeine-free. Should you choose to use green tea or black tea however, it is the caffeine portion of it which acts like a diuretic, so make sure to purchase regular versions and not decaffeinated ones.


Now for the rest of the questions you might have:

  • Meals – Make healthy choices when you can. If you can eat lower amounts of carbohydrates, you should see results faster. Try to eat GOD made foods and avoid as many Man-made foods as possible. *Perfect meals are meat & veggies*
  • If you drink alcohol, limit yourself to one (1) oz of hard liquor or 1 6(oz) glass of wine per day. If you drink more than this, it increases the difficulty you will have losing weight tremendously.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners
  • Keep your fruits and yogurts as side dishes to your meals – like dessert.
  • If you already exercise, keep continuing what you are doing. Please don’t start a new program at the same time you initiate a new diet. You want to know what is working for you and what isn’t.
  • If you are consuming the beverages as described, please make sure that you are drinking your water. These cups of tea do count towards your daily quota.
  • Please do not skip meals.

We are going to do a few things differently than what you have been doing. Please follow these instructions:

** Start by taking your measurements and writing them down.   When you weigh yourself, do it first thing in the morning after you have gone to the bathroom. Do not wait until after you have eaten, and do not weight yourself later in the day. If you are measuring your blood sugar, please record your average fasting glucose and post-prandial reading (if you track that one. Take photos of yourself if you would like. You always want to weight yourself and take our measurements at the same approximate time of the day**

  1. STEP 1 – Ketogenic or “Death to Diabetes®” breakfast comprising of a cup of coffee or tea (if desired) and one of 2 approved protein based breakfasts
  2.  STEP 2 – TruFix™ , 2 capsules per morning.  Optional — 1 packet of Tru Heart & Hydration mixed into 8-12oz of water and hold it in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing
  3.  STEP 3 – Take Intenzyme Forte™ twice daily on an empty stomach (mid-morning & mid-afternoon)
  4. STEP 4 – Take 1-2 capsules of an approved probiotic at bedtime, on an empty stomach
  5. STEP 5 – Twice daily, drinking a cup+ of tea from the approved list of teas. (Green tea, Black tea, Dandelion Tea, Yarrow, Rosehip, Cornsilk tea, Roobios, or Pu-Ehr, or water with the juice of 1/2 to 1 whole lemon in it)

Helpful pointers: :

  • Meals – Make healthy choices when you can. If you can eat lower amounts of carbohydrates, you should see results faster. Try to eat GOD made foods and avoid as many Man-made foods as possible. *Perfect meals are meat & veggies*
  • If you drink alcohol, limit yourself to one (1) oz of hard liquor or 1 6(oz) glass of wine per day. If you drink more than this, it increases the difficulty you will have losing weight tremendously.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners
  • Keep your fruits and yogurts as side dishes to your meals – like dessert.
  • If you already exercise, keep continuing what you are doing. Please don’t start a new program at the same time you start a new diet. You want to know what is working and what is not.
  • If you are consuming the beverages as described, please make sure that you are drinking your water. These cups of tea do count towards your daily quota.
  • Please do not skip meals.

visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/Weightlossresources for help and support.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Disclaimer: Consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program. Dr. Miranda’s protocol is offered as generalized information and should not be construed as medical advice.
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Q&A with Dr. J:  How valuable are the  7 day trial packs that TruVision Health makes?

Q&A with Dr. J: How valuable are the 7 day trial packs that TruVision Health makes?

As I promised  the followers of my Facebook page www.facebook.com/DrJsHealthcare,  I am going to take some of the questions  posed to me and answer them in my blog.  The following question from Linda, is the first one we will cover.  Please keep in mind that this is my personal opinion and not the official stance of TruVision Health.  The Q&A thread is still active on my page, so you still have time to leave me a question that you would like me to cover for you.


Linda asks, “How valuable are the  7 day trials packs? 

Great question.  The 7 day trial packs were never designed for everyone to lose weight with.  They are merely a tool to see whether someone is a good candidate to take a 30, 60 or 90  day course of TruFix and TruWeight & Energy.  That’s not to say that many people don’t lose a significant amount of weight while taking their first trial, but I like to under promise and over deliver.


The trial packages are designed to do three things:

  1.      Let you see if you like the delivery system of the product
  2.     Check that you don’t have an allergic reaction or sensitivity to one or more of the ingredients
  3.     Let you determine if you are able to properly fit TruVision into your daily routine

That’s it!  At the end of the 7 days, if you found that you liked the capsules, and you didn’t have a negative or allergic reaction to it, and you found it easy to add to your morning routine – then you are a perfect candidate to order a 30 or 60 day supply of TruFix and TruWeight & Energy  and actually get stated towards losing weight

The majority of people do experience weight or inch loss during their first week, but in the clinical trials there was a small percentage of people that didn’t lose until the second month.  This is simply because a person carrying extra weight has some degree of imbalance.  They may have insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, hormonal upset, etc.  Hormonal imbalances make it VERY hard to lose weight, but once you correct underlying imbalances, your body can release the weight it has been hanging onto.  This process can happen very quickly or it can take a while – it really depends on your personal degree of imbalance.   While some people may have experienced immediate benefits, I feel that this type of ‘immediate gratification thinking’ ended up in lost sales and unrealistic perceptions on the part of the customer, because many people felt that if they didn’t experience weight loss or a rush of energy during those few days, then TruVision was not going to work for them and they discounted its use.






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How to keep out of the infamous Facebook Jail

How to keep out of the infamous Facebook Jail

Ever since I joined Facebook, I  have had the good fortune to make many new online friends and join several very interesting networking  groups on Facebook and now I watch my FB friends waft in and out of Facebook JAIL.  Now, it’s not a literal jail, but it is a horrible place to find yourself stuck in either temporarily or permanently .  As I type this there are a few different threads going on in the various network marketing sites about Facebook Jail and how to avoid it, but they contain a fair bit of misinformation, so here is my take on what to do and what not to do to stay out of the pokey.


1) Actually READ Facebook’s Terms of Service for both personal and business pages.  You can’t play by the rules unless you know them first!


2) Create a business page for your network marketing business.  Use it!    Your personal page is not intended for personal promotion of any sort.  Keep In mind, that Facebook tracks everything.  If 99% of your personal page’s posts are about Plexus Slim, Mary Kay, Silpada,  Arbonne, or any other product, you are going to get ‘red flagged’.  80% of your personal page’s posts should be personal.  Talk about your kids, your tea cup collection, your passion for crocheting outfits for cats — whatever! Just not your MLM.  Facebook wants to make money from selling ads, they heavily frown on you selling anything from your personal page.  Use your business page to promote to your heart’s content.


3)  Quit posting your MLM replicated website!  First, no one cares.  Second, how many strangers have you ever had just click on your replicated page and buy something?  My guess: none.  Facebook is a social interaction tool.  So be social and interact.  If you spam your  pages with your ordering information, it only encourages curious people to google the company or product, and they have a much greater chance of finding another representative’s fancy website and buying it from them, or worse, reading a article poo-pooing your product or service (usually planted by your competition).


4)  Furthering #3,  Utilizing a custom URL is not going to fool Facebook or get around their distaste for replicated websites.  Go ahead, type your custom URL into a status update, and the link will show your replicated page.  A simple redirected site is not going to allow you to spam.  When you create a post on your page, the idea is to  engage and interact with your audience.  Encourage them to contact you privately for more information.


5)  Stop ‘friending’ people you don’t know.  Do you recall seeing that new little pop-up on Facebook asking you how you know this person?  If they click ‘only through Facebook” or that they ‘don’t know you’ then you just earned a ticket to FB jail.  No one is sure how they calculate how many of these ‘Go -to-Jail’ tickets you need to collect before you get a minimum two week time out, but you just don’t need to be sending friend requests to people you don’t know.  If you participate in a group with someone that you don’t know personally, but would like to follow, then make sure you send them a brief introduction on what group you have seen them in, our shared interests, and why you would like to friend them.  On a similar note, clean up your friend list.  Remember those bitchy people from high school who didn’t like you then?  Guess what? They still don’t like you.  If you have antagonistic people on your friends list, get rid of them.  These are the people most likely to report you for spamming.  Also, when it comes to friending, don’t go on sprees where you add 40 people in a  single day.  Spread out your requests over time.


6) Don’t make your cover photo an advertisement for your product or service, and don’t use it to direct people to your business.  Remember, business is business and personal is personal.


7)  When you do put together a post, don’t copy & paste it to several different pages or groups in a short period of time.  Make each message different, and be aware that Facebook utilizes complex algorithms to determine how long it should have taken you to put together a post and then navigate to another page.  This number has varied over time, but don’t post more than once a minute.  Period.


8)  When you do post a link to your URL or if you are posting a link to any non-Facebook site, use short links (bit.ly, goo.gl, wp.me, etc.).  Long URLs can trigger red flags, and a visit to the Facebook slammer.


9) Don’t promote your sales on anyone else’s page unless you were specifically asked to.  It is rude, and it is spam.  This carries over to sites other than Facebook too.  I frequently see a sales rep or ambassador posting a nice thread or blog about something, then when I scroll down to the comments section I see no-good snipers pitching their wares on the author’s page, telling the audience to contact them for more info.  It reflects poorly on you, on your product, on your company, and it is really, really bad karma.


10) Don’t be creative with your personal name.  Unless your name is actually Cindy BODYBYVI Stanley, don’t put the name of the company you represent in your official Facebook name.  Big red flag.  Scratch that — HUGE red flag.


So, there it is in a nutshell.  Go forth & prosper, and stay in the good graces of Facebook.  They are second only to Google in traffic, so you don’t want to get banned for something you easily could have prevented!





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Dr. Jorgenson’s Top 14 Things to Prevent Colds & Flu

Dr. Jorgenson’s Top 14 Things to Prevent Colds & Flu

Now that we are in the throes of flu season, I have been getting a ton of questions on what I recommend for colds and flu.  I make no bones that I am not a fan of flu vaccines, and since I mentioned my ‘secret weapon’ on a facebook thread last week, my email has been blowing up – so here is my list:


            1.  My ultimate ‘secret weapon’ is Muco coccinum.  I was turned onto this supplement 9 years ago by another doctor, and we have used it with our family and our patients ever since.  One year I waited too long to order my supply and it got sold out.  Lesson learned!  I now order early to make certain that I secure my supply for my kids , myself, my patients, and clients.  Muco coccinum is a homeopathic preparation comprised of homeopathic preparations of four of the worst strains of flu seen in the past century:   Influenzinum  200 K,  Klebsiella pneumoniae  200 K,  Branhamella catarrhalis  200 K, and  Micrococcus tetragenes  200 K.  For those of you unfamiliar with homeopathy, it is a system of alternative medicine developed in Germany over 200 years ago based on the principle of ‘like treats like’.   Extremely diluted preparations of natural substances are prepared using specific ratios and delivered in liquid or tablet preparations which you dissolve under the tongue. 


Muco coccinum is made in Belgium, but I import a supply from Canada each year.    It was designed to boost immune function and stimulate the body’s own defenses to combat or prevent symptoms associated with flu and other seasonal viruses.  In studies it has been shown to be 88% effective in the prevention of influenza and 82% effective in the treatment of primary flu-related symptoms of chills,  muscle aches and minor fever.  So, if taken as recommended, most people find that they simply do not get sick, but if they are exposed to a virus, they have fewer and less severe symptoms and recover faster.  The key is to take the product regularly.  It is recommended that you dissolve one tablet under the tongue every two weeks.  If you know you have been exposed to a contagious person, you can take an additional dose as soon as possible as an extra preventative measure.  A box of 10 tablets will last a person for the duration of the flu season, if taken every two weeks from late October through March. Please note, that particularly susceptible individuals such as children and seniors can take one tablet every week for prevention.  Another unique feature about Muco coccinum is that if you haven’t been able to take it preventatively, and you are already starting to come down with symptoms of the flu, you can take it to lessen those symptoms.  Simply dissolve one tablet 2-3 times per day until the package is emptied.  Muco coccinum is a safe and natural way to prevent symptoms and guard you and your family against the flu. With over a million doses sold each year, the country of Belgium has been using this successful remedy for many years. It is now become available in North America. This oral medication is considered a safe and effective alternative to the influenza vaccination.


Auto-immune disorders and pregnancy. Muco Coccinum is not indicated for pregnant women due to a lack of research on its safety for pregnant woman by the company that makes this product. Homeopathic remedies do not have the actual molecular ingredients that are used to make these products, as they have been diluted down to such a level that the original substance is no longer detectable; it is the energetic quality of the substance that remains. Though those energetic qualities do move the body to build up it’s immune response antibodies, so those antibodies can recognize and react to these flu strains in this product if you are exposed. Non-Medicinal Ingredients:Xylitol (from birch or beechwood), Magnesium stearate, Lactose (from milk).    
Note: As with any homeopathic treatment, it is not advisable to eat, drink, or consume products containing mint (ie. Candy, chewing gum, toothpaste, etc.), or to use products that contain menthol, camphor, or eucalyptus (e.g.- Tiger balm, Ben-Gay, mentholatum, etc.) within 30-60 minutes of using a homeopathic. These products can antidote the medication, so do not use them around the time of taking mucococcinum. *** Muco coccinum is part of a physician only nutritional line, so be very careful where you are buying your supply from.  Neither I nor the company authorize or recommend online sales.  Buy from a doctor that guarantees that you are receiving fresh product that hasn’t been exposed to potentially damaging shipment conditions, heat, light, etc.  As of today, I still have a limited supply of Muco coccinum at the office, so contact me if you would like me to reserve it for you.


            2.  Use a humidifier!    Coughing and sneezing spreads germs and viruses, and studies have shown that the less humidity in the air, the further those bacteria and viruses can spread.  Many physicians have even speculated that the real reason we have a cold and flu season, is because of the fact that we are cooped up in closer quarters and bacteria and viruses thrive in the drier indoor air resulting from popular heating methods.  Not only do these nasties live longer in dry conditions, but they can rapidly spread on air currents effectively contaminating entire rooms in mere seconds.  By placing humidifiers in your living and sleeping areas, not only can you alleviate symptoms of colds and flu if you are already sick, but you can thwart their spread to other members of the household, and even prevent certain bacteria and viruses from being able to take hold in sensitive lung tissues.  If you have small children, make sure you place the humidifier at a safe distance so they do not burn themselves.  



            3.  Take your probiotics.  It has been said that over 80% of your immune function originates in the gut, so support your immune system by taking a potent probiotic blend.  I am very pleased with ProBio5, and I rotate other broad spectrum probiotic blends in my household to boost immunity to optimal levels.


            4. Wash your hands frequently with good old fashioned hand soap.  Do not use anti-bacterial soap or hand sanitizers, use of either of these has been associated with increased risk of cancer.


            5.  Use peroxide. If you have been exposed to someone who is coughing, sneezing, or otherwise presenting as ill, swab your ears out with a cotton swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide as soon as physically possible.  I learned this trick from an old Doctor of Osteopathy, who premised that many airborne germs enter your system via your ear canals since your nose and mouth have other protective mechanisms to prevent infection.  I started swabbing my ears our after any air travel several years ago and cut my incidence of getting sick after flights dramatically.


                 6.  Load up on raw fruits and vegetables.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are chock full of valuable nutrients and enzymes that boost your immune system and help it resist infections. 


            7.  Eat your soup!  Grandma knew what she was doing when she made you eat homemade chicken soup when you were feeling ill.  A few different studies have now confirmed that not only does chicken soup possess anti-inflammatory benefits, but it also affects the mobility of certain types of white blood cells which make it particularly effective at helping with chest and sinus infections and symptoms.  Make sure to use bones when you make your broth and include plenty of onions (source of quercetin) and herbs (source of a variety of anti-inflammatory  compounds).

            8.  Drink Green tea.  A recent study showed that regular green tea drinkers had 69% less chance of developing the flu vs. non-green tea drinkers. 


            9.  Supplement with Vitamin D.  Most clinical studies in the past decade conclude that the RDI is woefully inadequate, and believe that 3000-10,000 IU/day of Vitamin D is an optimal dose.  I recommend cholcalciferol (D3), not ergocalciferol (D2).  I attended a medical conference a few years back in Cincinatti, and one of the lead researchers on vitamin D proposed that nearly all doctors are dosing vitamin D incorrectly.  She said that our current practice of only dosing in the winter months is opposite how we understand vitamin D uptake to work.  Since vitamin D synthesis and uptake is circadian and based on the wavelength of sunlight, she proposed that we dose heavily from mid-Spring to mid-Autumn (when the wavelengths of sunlight are the longest) and only take a maintenance dose over the winter months. 


10.  Get out and exercise.  Spinal movement is essential for maintaining health, and regular and consistent movement of your quadriceps is the best lymphatic pump in your body.  A simple walk each evening for 20 minutes or so after your meal will do wonders for your overall health and immunity.  Deep breathing associated with moderate physical activity also helps to clear the lungs of mucous and foreign substances.


11.  Increase your protein intake.  High quality protein and whey protein are both valuable sources of proteins and amino acids such as argenine help the body make lymphocytes and T-cells that dramatically improve your immune function.  Plexus 96 is a great, portable source of whey protein, and an easy way to add it to your diet.  Also, studies have shown that the nutrients in whey protein give your body all of the building blocks it needs to increase its glutathione production, one of the best markers of health.


12.  Don’t make a habit of popping acetaminophen or ibuprofen at the first sign illness.  These not only tax your liver or kidneys, but artificially lower your body’s natural response to defending against colds or flu (fever), which can dramatically increase both the intensity and the duration of your cold or flu.   


13.  If you have low or altered immune function, consider taking desiccated thymus gland concentrate.  This supplement is another ‘hidden gem’ at boosting overall immune function and helping you ward off seasonal nasties.


 and lastly, my personal favorite


14.  Visit your local chiropractor.  Spinal adjustments have been shown to stimulate immune responses, and as the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Copyright 2012, 2015 Miranda Jorgenson

Are these 4 hormones making you fat?

There is so much information and misinformation about weight loss on the internet that it is hard to wade through it all.  Everyone has a different theory – it is fats, it is carbs, it is meat, it is dairy, it is preservatives, it is too many calories, it is not enough exercise, it is an inevitable part of aging, it is estrogens, it is not enough testosterone, it is mercury in retrograde…  blah, blah, blah…  Surely someone must have some answers!


Well, ten years of nutritional practice has taught me that no one has all of the answers.  If you find someone who claims otherwise – RUN the other way!  Weight loss science is constantly changing and it is as mercurial as the people who espouse individual diet plans.  Quite simply, there is no quick fix and there is no single plan that will work for 100% of everyone.  Period.


What I can tell you is that there are certain hormones that play key roles in many people’s weight gain or inability to lose weight.


1. Your body is not producing enough adiponectin.   Adiponectin is a protein specific to fat cells and it is believed to play a role in the development of insulin resistance and atherosclerosis.  Typically, the more body fat you carry, the lower your adiponectin levels, with increased levels of visceral fat (that fat hidden in your abdomen, packed around your internal organs) being especially correlated to decreased levels of adiponectin.  Almost every symptom associated with metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance can be directly tied to adiponectin, so – how do you make more of this hormone and head off these problems?  First, you need to increase your magnesium intake with supplements (like BioCleanse, or magnesium glycinate) and magnesium rich foods (raw spinach, pumpkin seeds, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, fish, brown rice, bananas, figs, avocados, dark chocolate, etc.).  Second, you should look into fish oil (omega 3 fatty acid) supplementation and exercise to increase your adiponectin levels.


2. Insulin imbalance.  Think of insulin as a key that unlocks your cells so your body can take the glucose (sugars) in your blood stream and store it away in the cell for later.  If you don’t have enough insulin, your circulating blood sugars remain too high, and these negatively affect your vasculature system, your fat storage, your blood pressure, your ability to heal, and even your brain.  Much of the medical community thinks that insulin resistance stems from the body not having enough insulin, but other researchers, like Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, believe that too much insulin is the problem.  He postulates that elevated levels of circulating insulin are even more problematic, and that many of the drugs and methods used to treat elevated blood sugar levels , actually cause the body’s tissues to be flooded with too much insulin, which slowly cause your body’s cells to become resistant to it, which means that greater and greater levels of insulin are needed to see any effect, which leads to vicious blood sugar and insulin swings, making these hormones rollercoaster throughout the day. The ingredients in Plexus Slim support the  normalization of your insulin resistance.  In addition, some studies have shown that consuming 2 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar before a high fat meal may work as well as drugs at decreasing blood sugar levels.  If you consume artificial sweeteners, do yourself a giant favor and STOP!


3.  Too much ghrelin.  Ghrelin is your hunger hormone and it is found in the cells that line your stomach.  It stimulates the hunger center of the brain and makes you desire sweet or rich foods. In fact, it is so efficient at stimulating your hunger centers, that elevated levels of ghrelin will make you feel the same way as if your were in full starvation mode – desperately craving the richest, highest calorie foods you can imagine.  Furthermore, it makes you feel unsatisfied with the amount and quality of food you have eaten, whether you are truly full or not.  It’s why you can slip in that piece of pecan pie or chocolate cake for dessert when you are already uncomfortably full from eating that big turkey dinner.  A classic sign that you have too much ghrelin is that you feel you have room for dessert, or you find you are a bit hungry an hour or so after you eat. You fridge-cruisers know who you are!  Ghrelin cycles in 4 hour increments, so typically you would be hungriest 4 hours after your last meal.   So how do you address ghrelin?  There are a few different things you can do.  First, make sure you are getting enough sleep.  8 hours of sleep per night is the ideal.  If you are getting less, or have poor quality sleep, please know that sleep deprivation causes your ghrelin levels to increase.  Protein intake also staves off the release of elevated ghrelin levels, so make sure that each meal starts off with high quality protein sources (this is particularly important for breakfast). Consuming a small bowl of broth or soup before a meal is an excellent way to prevent ghrelin levels from rising too much.


4. Cortisol overload.  We are designed for fight or flight.  Cortisol is produced as a response to stress (and who isn’t stressed nowadays?).  It increases your cravings for sweets and carbohydrates, it increases  muscle breakdown for energy production, it increases the percentage of fat that is stored in your abdominal area, and it increases your levels of depression and anxiety – which make you eat more, which further increases your cortisol levels, creating a vicious cycle,  resulting in you feeling tired and burnt out all of the time.  Supplements such as fish oil, Rhodiola, lactium, magnesium, DHEA, and b-vitamins can all help reduce cortisol levels.  Other things that have a positive effect include slow exercise like yoga or walking, meditating, praying, or just getting into a ‘zone’ where you let your creativity reign.  Limiting coffee, and making sure you get enough sleep are other ways to keep cortisol levels normal.

So before you give up he fight, have a good look at these factors and see which ones may pertain to you and take the action steps needed to achieve your ideal weight.  I have found Plexus Slim to be an excellent tool for my patients and clients in achieving their ideal weight in a safe and efficient manner.  It truly is the non-diet, because it never involves meal replacements, shakes, calorie counting, points, or anything else.  It simply helps to normalize insulin resistance and inflammation levels so your body can release the weight it’s been hanging on to.  In addition, it makes it easy to make healthier food choices.  You didn’t gain those 40 extra pounds in a month, and it will take you time to lose it, but the key is you.  You have to draw that line in the sand and start something.  4 months from now, you can be the same weight you are now (or even heavier!), and still have those aches and pains, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, etc., or 4 months from now you can feel like a million bucks.  No one can ever force you to change because the choice truly is yours, but, if you want help and are sincere about making change, I will help you every step of the way!


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Network Marketing 101 – Do these steps and become a Master!

So, you have signed up to for your own network marketing business, or perhaps you  are just investigating companies because you want a low-overhead way to earn a second income for yourself and your family.  Either way, you are in the right spot!


I have been involved in sales and marketing all of my life because it was my family’s business.  There are certain things that hold true regardless of the line you are part of or the company you promote.  Undeniably, there are certain factors that distinguish the people that wish from the people that do.   Not everyone is cut out for network marketing, but if you commit to it and put in concerted effort – you can’t help but succeed.  It will take time, it will take effort, but the rewards are innumerable. What I write can be applied to any type of sales, but I am specifically directing this post to network marketers.


If you want to be successful, the #1 most important thing you can do is to treat your network marketing business LIKE A BUSINESS.  It is often quoted in this business that if you treat it like a hobby, you will get paid like a hobby.  If you treat it like a business, you will get paid like a business.  Quite simply, you have to earn your stripes.  Nothing is going to fall into your lap.  Your entire success is not held with your upline, the town you live in, your social circle, or anything other than YOU.  There is no other industry in which you can create your own business with such a small investment or overhead cost. The nature of network marketing allows you to dictate how much time you dedicate to it.  You can easily start your business while you are employed elsewhere, and transition to that point where you can FIRE your boss once you have replaced your 9-5 income.


So what are these distinguishing factors that I mentioned above?


1) You must work the business.  Dedicate specific time to it on a daily or weekly basis.  Physically schedule your business development time onto your calendar.  Do not settle for distractions, and don’t brush off this time commitment!  The more time you are able to dedicate to your business on a regular basis, the faster you will grow.  Be prepared with business cards, brochures, flyers, a website, and/or samples.  Keep these on your person, in your bag or purse, and in your car.  Never be caught unprepared.  It will cost you business.


2) Be a Product of Your Product.  What does that mean? It means you have to LEARN about your products.  Be an EXPERT about your products.  — USE your products every day, and BELIEVE with 100% conviction that your products are the best.   If you can’t LEARN, — USE, or BELIEVE in your products with complete conviction – then you have the wrong product and you will not succeed.


3) Share don’t Sell.  No one enjoys being ‘sold’, but people do enjoy when someone takes time to share with them something that they found useful or helpful. If you have 100% conviction that your product or service will help a person, then it is your obligation to share it with them nicely.  It can be hard to not be over zealous in your approach, but remember how you feel when people have tried too hard to convince you of anything – it turned you off entirely!  I like to tell my children that “you are not listening if your lips are flapping”.  The best sales people LISTEN to their potential customer and SOLVE A PROBLEM that exists.  To be blunt, if you are talking more than your prospect – then you are tuning out what they are trying to tell you.  If you truly listen to what they say, they will tell you exactly what you need to say or do in order to sell them anything.


4) Create an online presence and utilize social media to build your business.  Post interesting information on a very regular basis.  Every post can’t be a link to your ordering page.  If you do that, you will quickly lose your circle of friends, and everyone will tune out your message.  Worse, sites like Facebook will recognize you as a spammer and freeze or cancel your account.  The people who do the best with social media position themselves as experts.  They post pertinent information that people will find interesting.  They are ambiguous about what they say.  They leave their audience wanting more, and they leave the door open for people to contact them through private messaging to learn more.  Successful network marketers CONTROL, LEAD, & DIRECT their potential leads.


5) Utilize your upline and/or find a mentor.  Everyone who operates and succeeds at a high level has a coach or mentor in their life.  Period.  If your direct upline is not successful, go to the person above them, or the person above that.  It is up to you to reach out and connect with that person and create a success network for yourself.  If your team is non-functional, find a coach or mentor who is willing to work with you.  This is crucial.  Schedule a brief phone meeting with them on a weekly or every other week basis.  Have them hold you accountable.  Do not skip this step!  They have been where you are, they have discovered solutions to the obstacles you are facing.  There is zero reason for you to reinvent the wheel.  Always ask for help when needed!


6) Follow up.  Reach out to your customers on a monthly basis at a minimum.  Make it brief but personal.  Let them know that you are there for them and wish for them to have the best possible experience with your product or service.  Reward them for their referrals, and remind them that you reward them for their referrals.  Do the same with your team members.  Reach out to them and help them with their obstacles.  Always keep in mind that if your team is successful, you will be successful. It is your obligation to do everything in your power to help them succeed.  All of this follow-up requires tracking.  If you are computer savvy, create a file for each person to track what you have said or sent to them.  If you are old school, create a binder system and make a page for each customer or team member.


7) Set goals & write them down!  The old adage ‘if it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen’ is especially true when it comes to goals.  Go buy a small journal or poster board and write down your goals.  Be as specific and detailed as possible.  Use emotion words.  Use present tense.  “I will take my children to Disney World when I earn $3000” or “I will pay cash for my son’s braces” is much more powerful than “I want to be a millionaire and sit on the beach drinking daiquiris all day”.  “I am ___” statements are even more powerful!   Review your goals on a regular basis.  Make a vision board if you are a visual person.  Celebrate your goals when you have achieved them, and make attainable goals so you maintain your mental excitement.  Set both short term and long term goals, and reevaluate these on a regular basis.


7) Educate yourself.  The most successful sales people and network marketers that I know all dedicate time to bettering themselves.  This means reading books from authors who have made their way to the top.  It means listening to coaching or empowerment CD’s in the car.  It means sitting in on webinars and conference calls learning how to improve what you do.  If you recognize that there is always something more to learn, then you are half way there.  Cocky people think they know it all.  Wise people recognize that there is always much more to know and master.


Success is yours for the taking!  Are you willing to embrace it?


Dr. Miranda Jorgenson maintains a private practice in Louisiana, is an entrepreneur and nutritional coach.


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