We currently have 4 different program offerings:


1)  Weight Loss Resources with Dr. Miranda

Weight Loss Resources with Dr. Miranda is a fun and interactive group on facebook where Dr. Miranda covers a wide variety of health and weight loss related topics.  There is no charge to be a part of the community, however we do ask that participants do not spam or they will be removed.

2)   Group Mentoring programs

Group Mentoring programs will be announced as offered.

3)  Private Consultations

Private consultations are $200.00.  Please contact the office for an assessment form  you should complete prior to your appointment.  Please reserve 90 minutes for your appointment time.

Consultations can be performed in-office in Baton Rouge, or via telephone, or Skype.  You will be sent an assessment form, food journal,  & medication and supplement log to complete prior to your evaluation.  If you have any lab reports from the 6 months previous to your appointment, you will be asked to forward those as well.

4)  90 Day Set Your Weight Free Program – message for details


If you are interested in procuring my services, please contact me through my office at www.DrJorgenson.com  (225) 928-3244 .  Payment plans available.