When I was at a network marketing event at Amelia Island, Florida a couple of weeks ago, author of GO PRO, Eric Worre reminded me of something I had briefly read when I started my journey in network marketing.

Quite simply, there are two crucial numbers you need to keep at the forefront of your thoughts when you venture into the world of direct selling or multilevel marketing, and that is the number 3 and the number 20.  “Why?” you may ask.  Because those two numbers dictate whether or not you will be successful in your chosen network company and whether you make a six-figure income doing so.


The first number you need to concentrate on is 3.    The faster you find and sponsor your first three people – is indicative of whether or not you will actually make a go of network marketing.  If you go out and immediately get your three, you will also immediately get a nice little check in the mail and that is a huge mental boon to your psyche that “YES, I CAN DO THIS”!   If you are overwhelmed finding your three, step back and ask your sponsor for direction.  It is my opinion that people tend to view the concept of  ‘finding their three’ in one of three ways; 

  • CAMP A will ask their mom, sister, aunt Susie, and best friend, gets four “NO, that’s not for me” responses, (unless mom happens to feel guilty and signs up with no intentions of doing anything, but  find’s paying the sign-up fee is less hassle than telling you NO).  So, now they’ve heard several NO’s, no one is lining up to buy their product, and they give up — telling everyone that “network marketing is a scam and never works”.   
  •  The second group, CAMP B says, “what, 3 people?!  I can do that with one hand tied behind my back!”  and promptly signs up 5 friends or acquaintances (which only further frustrates people in CAMP A, who wholeheartedly believe that the successful people must have done something underhanded to be successful).
  • CAMP C is unique and the odd-ball here.  They might sponsor a person or two so they can earn enough to pay for their own product, and they either putz around with their company, or they have a moment of clarity and see that if they were more serious about their home business, that they could make some money with it.  They see the light, it just takes them a while longer!

The second most important number is 20.  Based on his thirty+ years of experience in the industry, it is Worre’s opinion that 20 is the magic number in network marketing.  Regardless of the company you are involved with, he has found that the faster you find and sponsor your first twenty generates momentum and creates that essential spark that propels you to a six-figure annual income.  He shared that if you holed yourself up away from all distractions for 90 days and  shared your opportunity with as many people as humanly possible –  you would get your twenty people.  The Law of Averages dictates that of those 20, six will almost immediately drop out.  Fourteen will work the business to a certain extent, and of those four will do quite well.  Two of those four will be your ‘rock stars’ who take their business and run with it, propelling you to the top.  


So when someone claims they ‘tried’ network marketing, which is code word for ‘failed” – they simply violated the Law of Averages.  If they only ever sponsor five or six people, it is statistically improbable that they will find their two rock stars. Statistically, most of their five will drop out immediately or with in the year at most.  So, in effect – they haven’t given themselves the opportunity for success.  Even worse, if they limp along and take a year to sign up their five or six people, they have virtually zero chances of creating momentum and developing a highly lucrative network marketing career, because people will be dropping out at a faster rate than they could ever add them.


So how does this all relate personally?  I immediately found my three, and because of a statistic I had read in the book The Four Year Career by Richard Bliss Brooke, I was not looking for my twenty, but rather my thirty (did I mention that I like Worre’s number better?).  So, knowing how my brain works, I chunked that thirty down into ten groups of three.  Every time I sponsored three more people I knew I was 1/10th of the way to my goal of financial freedom, beach money, fiscal salvation, etc.  I became a doc on a mission!  I remember calling my sponsor every time I got three more to excitedly tell her I was another 1/10th of the way to my goal.


There is a powerful presentation in this industry.  I’ve seen several companies have their own version.  It is most commonly seen as  “The Power of Three”, and there is a simple visual demonstration that if you have 3 people in your Level 1, and you help those three each find their 3, and that continues for levels 3 and 4, you quickly find yourself with 120 people in your downline. Down five levels, that is 324 people! That amounts to a lucrative business no matter how you look at it!


So, if you have a network marketing business of your own, take the November challenge to help your team all get their three.  If you are new to the industry, ask your sponsor for some practical coaching.  For my team and soon to be rock stars –  if you are not silver yet, who wants to be???!!!!  Call or email me and we will make it happen NOW!


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