So, you have signed up to for your own network marketing business, or perhaps you  are just investigating companies because you want a low-overhead way to earn a second income for yourself and your family.  Either way, you are in the right spot!


I have been involved in sales and marketing all of my life because it was my family’s business.  There are certain things that hold true regardless of the line you are part of or the company you promote.  Undeniably, there are certain factors that distinguish the people that wish from the people that do.   Not everyone is cut out for network marketing, but if you commit to it and put in concerted effort – you can’t help but succeed.  It will take time, it will take effort, but the rewards are innumerable. What I write can be applied to any type of sales, but I am specifically directing this post to network marketers.


If you want to be successful, the #1 most important thing you can do is to treat your network marketing business LIKE A BUSINESS.  It is often quoted in this business that if you treat it like a hobby, you will get paid like a hobby.  If you treat it like a business, you will get paid like a business.  Quite simply, you have to earn your stripes.  Nothing is going to fall into your lap.  Your entire success is not held with your upline, the town you live in, your social circle, or anything other than YOU.  There is no other industry in which you can create your own business with such a small investment or overhead cost. The nature of network marketing allows you to dictate how much time you dedicate to it.  You can easily start your business while you are employed elsewhere, and transition to that point where you can FIRE your boss once you have replaced your 9-5 income.


So what are these distinguishing factors that I mentioned above?


1) You must work the business.  Dedicate specific time to it on a daily or weekly basis.  Physically schedule your business development time onto your calendar.  Do not settle for distractions, and don’t brush off this time commitment!  The more time you are able to dedicate to your business on a regular basis, the faster you will grow.  Be prepared with business cards, brochures, flyers, a website, and/or samples.  Keep these on your person, in your bag or purse, and in your car.  Never be caught unprepared.  It will cost you business.


2) Be a Product of Your Product.  What does that mean? It means you have to LEARN about your products.  Be an EXPERT about your products.  USE your products every day, and BELIEVE with 100% conviction that your products are the best.   If you can’t LEARN, USE, or BELIEVE in your products with complete conviction – then you have the wrong product and you will not succeed.


3) Share don’t Sell.  No one enjoys being ‘sold’, but people do enjoy when someone takes time to share with them something that they found useful or helpful. If you have 100% conviction that your product or service will help a person, then it is your obligation to share it with them nicely.  It can be hard to not be over zealous in your approach, but remember how you feel when people have tried too hard to convince you of anything – it turned you off entirely!  I like to tell my children that “you are not listening if your lips are flapping”.  The best sales people LISTEN to their potential customer and SOLVE A PROBLEM that exists.  To be blunt, if you are talking more than your prospect – then you are tuning out what they are trying to tell you.  If you truly listen to what they say, they will tell you exactly what you need to say or do in order to sell them anything.


4) Create an online presence and utilize social media to build your business.  Post interesting information on a very regular basis.  Every post can’t be a link to your ordering page.  If you do that, you will quickly lose your circle of friends, and everyone will tune out your message.  Worse, sites like Facebook will recognize you as a spammer and freeze or cancel your account.  The people who do the best with social media position themselves as experts.  They post pertinent information that people will find interesting.  They are ambiguous about what they say.  They leave their audience wanting more, and they leave the door open for people to contact them through private messaging to learn more.  Successful network marketers CONTROL, LEAD, & DIRECT their potential leads.


5) Utilize your upline and/or find a mentor.  Everyone who operates and succeeds at a high level has a coach or mentor in their life.  Period.  If your direct upline is not successful, go to the person above them, or the person above that.  It is up to you to reach out and connect with that person and create a success network for yourself.  If your team is non-functional, find a coach or mentor who is willing to work with you.  This is crucial.  Schedule a brief phone meeting with them on a weekly or every other week basis.  Have them hold you accountable.  Do not skip this step!  They have been where you are, they have discovered solutions to the obstacles you are facing.  There is zero reason for you to reinvent the wheel.  Always ask for help when needed!


6) Follow up.  Reach out to your customers on a monthly basis at a minimum.  Make it brief but personal.  Let them know that you are there for them and wish for them to have the best possible experience with your product or service.  Reward them for their referrals, and remind them that you reward them for their referrals.  Do the same with your team members.  Reach out to them and help them with their obstacles.  Always keep in mind that if your team is successful, you will be successful. It is your obligation to do everything in your power to help them succeed.  All of this follow-up requires tracking.  If you are computer savvy, create a file for each person to track what you have said or sent to them.  If you are old school, create a binder system and make a page for each customer or team member.


7) Set goals & write them down!  The old adage ‘if it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen’ is especially true when it comes to goals.  Go buy a small journal or poster board and write down your goals.  Be as specific and detailed as possible.  Use emotion words.  Use present tense.  “I will take my children to Disney World when I earn $3000” or “I will pay cash for my son’s braces” is much more powerful than “I want to be a millionaire and sit on the beach drinking daiquiris all day”.  “I am ___” statements are even more powerful!   Review your goals on a regular basis.  Make a vision board if you are a visual person.  Celebrate your goals when you have achieved them, and make attainable goals so you maintain your mental excitement.  Set both short term and long term goals, and reevaluate these on a regular basis.


7) Educate yourself.  The most successful sales people and network marketers that I know all dedicate time to bettering themselves.  This means reading books from authors who have made their way to the top.  It means listening to coaching or empowerment CD’s in the car.  It means sitting in on webinars and conference calls learning how to improve what you do.  If you recognize that there is always something more to learn, then you are half way there.  Cocky people think they know it all.  Wise people recognize that there is always much more to know and master.


Success is yours for the taking!  Are you willing to embrace it?


Dr. Miranda Jorgenson maintains a private practice in Louisiana, is an entrepreneur and nutritional coach.


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