Both versions of TWE have essentially the same effects, but they do so via different ingredients.  That said, both products may not be available in your country,  but if you are trying to decide which to order, or whether you are just curious on how they differ, here is  my opinion on how they react within the body.


While we have no control over how well others eat, or how well they exercise, we do have complete control over what we do. I happen to think we are the BEST weight loss company out there because we are different. Nearly every one of our competitors center their program around calorie restriction. We don’t.  Both  TRU Combo’s :

  1. Balances glucose levels and underlying body chemistry so the body can release the weight it has been hanging on to
  2. Reduces cravings, making it easier to make healthy food choices
  3. Increases satiety (makes you feel full faster)
  4. Increases your energy level so you can be more active throughout the day
  5. Rev metabolism (and the rate you burn abdominal fat in particular)
  6. Reduces insulin sensitivity (which makes it makes it harder to gain weight or store fat while you are taking it! )

and lastly,    7.   Reduces appetite.

We have SO much MORE to offer than shakes, wraps, or massively restrictive diets. Our 10K program is unique in the industry because we are encouraging healthy lifestyle modification. People can earn over $700 worth of products per year for FREE. Yes, it is optional, but what a great option to have. We have more & we deliver more!

So, what is the key difference between the two products?

Well, in the most general terms, it works like this.  You know how when you eat a chocolate bar, those carbohydrates hit your blood stream hard & fast, your glucose level spikes up but crashes a couple of hours later?  Well Gen1 acts like that – it hits you hard & fast, but wears off quickly too.  While not a ‘sustained release’ capsule, the Gen 2 offers a slow & steady release and acts more like a sustained release pill.

In TWE Gen1, you get that quick rush of energy, but it doesn’t last long.  In Gen 2, it is low & slow  (but much longer lasting) energy.  So, if you are used to the quick burst of energy of Gen 1, you may be confused when you start Gen 2 and think it isn’t working for you.  But it is!  It is just working differently!  Occasionally, some people don’t even notice the increase in energy until they run out of product for a couple of days.  It is subtle, you may find yourself staying up an extra hour, or having the energy to do 20 more minutes on the treadmill.   Now another thing to keep in mind,  Gen2 is also unique because it offers ‘flexible dosing’, and this is a great thing for people sensitive to stimulants.  You can start low with a single dose or two, and you can work up to as 3, or even 4 doses, as your body requires.  It can be as gentle or as strong as you need.









So, if you are trying to choose between the two – you can be rest assured that they both act the same.  Both work, but your body responds to each in a slightly different way.  If you are switching from Gen 1 over to Gen 2, then I personally suggest taking 7-10 days off of your green pills  (you can keep taking the blue TruFix pills), so you reduce the risk of headaches from switching.  If you find yourself getting a headache, drinking an additional caffeinated beverage can help tremendously.  If you live in a market where you can purchase either version, then start with the original Gen 1, since that is what TruVision started out with, and then switch to Gen 2 when you hit a plateau.  If you live in the United States, then start with Gen 2.  Either way, this is a great tool to help you achieve your ‘happy weight’.

If you would like to know if the Tru Combo is right for you, drop me a line.  I’d be happy to help you.



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