I get a lot of private messages and emails asking me how the TRU products work.  So, this is my  ‘in a nutshell’ description of the new TruWeight & Energy Gen 2 product.  What is in it & How it works!
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Benzylamine HCL – is a naturally occurring substance found in celery. It is used to help regulate blood sugar thus inhibiting blood sugar spikes which in turn helps minimize insulin spikes.

Natural Caffeine & Caffeine Citrate – This formula does contain a small amount of Caffeine. The use of caffeine in moderation and in the right application (i.e. the caffeine contained in headache tablets), has a positive effect on one’s body. This formula does not contain a sufficient amount of caffeine to cause addiction or withdrawal symptoms. Just enough is used to act as a catalyst in activating other key ingredients in the formula.

Dendrobium – Dendrobium is one of fifty of fundamental herbs in traditional medicine. It is found in certain species of the Orchid family. The complexity of the plant is largely attributed to its unique profile of alkaloids, such as: Dendrine, Nobiline, Nobilonine, etc (Dr. Duke Phytochemical Database). Extracts enriched in dendrobium alkaloids show many beneficial effects, including: increased focus, enhanced confidence, and increased energy. Unlike other stimulants these effects are not typically seen with an increase in blood pressure. Because of Dendrobium’s unique properties it is considered to be highly effective when coupled with other stimulants and/or nominal amounts of caffeine in helping individuals obtain their weight loss goals.

Evodiamine – An Asian plant extract that has been demonstrated in laboratory studies to reduce both fat uptake, act as a thermogenic, and stimulate metabolism.12,13

Green Tea – Green Tea EGCG Extract: Green tea enriched in Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) shows significant results in helping individuals maintain their weight. Green tea has long shown promise in helping individuals maintain a healthy weight, after significant green tea research it is now believed that the EGCG compound is what contributed to the reduction in weight. There are three hypothesis on how Green Tea EGCG helps in promoting a healthy weight: 1) Increase blood flow – By increasing the blood flow throughout the body, there is increased oxygenation to muscles and thereby increasing caloric demands; 2) When combined with a nominal amount of caffeine allow for increased fat oxidation (Dulloo et al, 1999); and 3) modulating insulin effect – Regulating the signaling of insulin in response to carbohydrate consumption allows one to not be as susceptible to blood sugar spiking (Li et al, 2006). Green Tea is also a rich source of anti-oxidants.

Hordenine HCL – A natural phenethylamine compound which is naturally occurring in a variety of plants, but typically sourced from  barley grass.  It works primarily through the release of norepinephrine.  It’s actions are multi-fold – it works to increase metabolism and energy, while decreasing appetite.  It has also been noted to improve mood and focus, and may increase the amount of calories burned during workouts.  Synergysitc with, caffeine, and Yohimbe.  http://nootriment.com/hordenine-hcl/

Korean Ginseng – Is an adaptogen and has been used for centuries for its health promoting benefits. Some of those reported benefits include energy, strengthening the immune system, stress reduction, mental clarity, etc

Methylcobalamin –  Also known as vitamin B-12, it can normalize appetite and give greater levels of energy thus fighting fatigue. It is also known to lessen muscle pain and promote better sleep. It can enhance mood, and combat mild levels of depression. It also contributes to clarity of thought and focus. It contributes to overall motivation to maintain an active life style.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)  – is a sulphur-bearing amino acid which has a long history of use for a variety of issues.  Not only is it instrumental in supporting the body’s production of the master antioxidant glutathione, but it is protective to the lungs, liver and kidneys.  It has been demonstrated to reduce insulin sensitivity, and supports the normalization of circulating hormones.  It also modulates several neurotransmitters which cam improve mood.

Niacinamide – Also known as vitamin B3, and is found naturally in many foods. Niacin has been shown  to support healthy cholesterol levels, circulation, and blood sugar.

Theacrine – is a natural plant extract which structurally resembles caffeine but appears to have fewer side effects, making it known as an acceptable alternative to caffeine.  It is noted to increase energy levels, and has stimulatory effects.  It may boost physical activity, motivation, concentration, and levels of alertness.  Anecdotal reports suggest it may be useful in reducing fatigue, and have anti-aging and immune boosting properties.16,17

Trimethylglycine (TMG)  – An organic compound found in many plants, but commonly isolated from beets.  Trimethylglycine is required for methylation, and for the synthesis of neurotransmitters.  It also plays a key role in energy production, and is beneficial for optimal digestion, liver health, and certain detoxification pathways.14,15

Yohimbe – is a herbal extract used to provide energy. It is also been demonstrated to support vascular health and circulation.


How it works:  TruFix

First, let me preface this by saying that Gen2 was not designed to be taken alone.  It was designed to be paired with TruFix.  The two work synergistically.  At it’s most basic level, the TruFix balances glucose levels  and underlying body chemistry allowing the body to release it’s stored fat.  The Gen 2 product has several key actions:

  • reduces appetite
  • reduces craving
  • increases satiety, so you feel full faster
  • stimulates metabolism and fat burning
  • enhances energy levels

This is why it is so important to take the combo together.  Think of the combo this way: The TruFix is the electricity, it is what makes everything possible. It balances body chemistry so that it is in a position to release stored fat. The TruWeight & Energy is the light switch. It allows that electrical potential to happen or not happen.  Just like how the light bulb and light switch work together, our products do too.  You can flip a switch all you want, but if there is no electricity, nothing is going to happen.  Likewise, if you have electricity but no way to flip the switch, nothing is going to happen.  You need to have both present in order to turn the light on!  One without the other always results in lost potential.

 January is a new year and it gives you the opportunity to have a new start. Evaluate your diet, make the appropriate fixes, get out and move more, and take your TRU together. It is up to you to ‘flip that switch’!

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