Maybe it is because I was raised in Canada,  maybe it is because my grandparents were products of the Great Depression, but I am frugal.  I’m a dollar and cents kind of gal.  I always want to know exactly what I’m buying and what  it is going to end up costing.  So, in the course of my meticulous comparison shopping, I have created a small chart detailing the most commonly referenced weight loss programs on the internet and their respective costs.  Not that I consider it a true comparison, however, because  the TruVision combo works from within and does not involve  gritty shakes, bars, or meal replacements of any kind.  However, since so many people are watching their pennies in this day and age – this should give you good insight on what things actually cost and what you get for your dollar.

There are literally hundreds of diet products on the market, and I can’t investigate all of them, but the following list contains the ones that came up most frequently in my research. Each ‘system’ or ‘plan’ takes a slightly different approach — some focus on dietary restriction, other on pills, appetite suppression, shakes, etc.  Some involve extreme dietary restrictions for their duration, which I am not a fan of.  The long-term viability of program like that is not good.  Some involve healthy lifestyle modification, others position themselves as being ‘magically’ effective.    Popular products like Body by Vi will set you back $311 for 30 days of shakes.  NutriSystem costs anywhere from $299 to over $500 depending on the package of meal replacements you choose.  Isagenix, another shake and pill program comes in at $383.    Jenny Craig averages $100-$130 per week and involves follow-up office visits.  The TruVision combo isn’t for everyone, but it did work for ~80% of the study participants- which is a phenomenal track record by anyone’s standards.  It works to balance the underlying body chemistry so your body can release the weight it has been hanging onto.  It works even better if you take advantage of their 10K Fitbit program and work on getting in 10K steps per day (thereby winning free products from the company).  You eat real food of your own choosing and you never have to drink gritty shakes or consume chemical cocktail franken-foods.   I will be the first to admit that it is hard to compare apples to oranges, and some of these programs are very good and some are very bad.  I leave it to you research each plan’s individual components, but know this:  most good diet plans will have you lose 1-2.5 lbs per week on average, so if you are paying $80 to lose 10 lbs vs. paying $400 to lose 10 lbs – then your Cost Per Pound Lost is $8 vs. $40.  It is clear that you don’t have to spend big money to get big results!


Cost Comparison of Popular Weight Loss Programs

NAME Length of Program Style Retail Cost (average)
TruVision Health 30 days TruFix & TruWeightEnergy  combo, pills $102
Level  Thrive 30 days Pills, patches, shakes $190
It Works 30 days 4 body wraps, Thermofit, Greens, pills $155-$200+
Plexus 30 days Drink additive, pills, laxative, probiotic  $120- 220+
Weight Watchers 30 days Coaching only, food extra $69
Body By Vi 30 days Transformation kit: Shakes $311
Advocare 24 days 24 Day Challenge, pills, fiber, shakes, MR $190
NutriSystem 28 days Meal Replacements (MR) kits $299-$535
Herbalife 30 days Ult. Wt. Loss kit; shakes, pills $216
Saba 30 days Pills , shakes $60 – $120+
Isagenix 30 days Pills, shakes $383
HCG (homeopathic) 23-40 days Drops, $50-$120 per bottle, 1 bottle for every 20 days, $$$ charges for Dr.’s appt $50 – $240 av ++
Jenny Craig 30 days Paid per week @ $100-130/wk, MR $400-$520
South Beach online 30 days Centered on ‘good carbs’, foods can be costly $150
Xyngular Ignite 30 days Drink, shakes $300-$329
MediFast 30 days MR, does not include Center fees or food upgrades $300 +
Shakeology 30 days shakes $120/ bag
Skinny Fiber 30 days Pills (fiber) $60
Bystrictin 30 days fiber $80
LA Weight Loss 30 days 3 levels –  all have juice & bars, upgraded pkgs have additional shakes, fiber, and supplements $199 Silver$299 Gold

$399 Platinum

Javita 24 days Weight loss coffee, @ 2 per day $90
Amway 30 days Weight Loss Bundle; pills $193
Usana 5 days Reset Weight Loss, pills, MR, $149
Monavie 30 days drink $145
Shaklee 30 days 180 Turnaround Kit; tea, bars, shakes $270
Zija 30 days Smart mix, AM/PM combo, XM+;   drink, pills $320
 NuSkin /Pharmanex 30 days ReDesign Weight Mgmt ; pills, shakes $475
Physician Weight Loss Centers 16 weeks Coaching, supplements $480+
Fit Team Global 30 days Fit Sticks:  drink mix $114
Jeunesse 30 days Zen Shape: Mix, pills, shakes $245
BeachBody 21 days Shakes, portion control, exercise $140
Zeal 30 days Loyalty Pack, shakes, pills $200